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Do you like the phrases and thoughts in the blog?

Here are some stuff i thought of :slow: hope you like them :D
How to annoy people on MSN/Yahoo messanger:

1- When you first sign in, send a message to all: I'm here!

2- Start your greeting sentence with OH HI HI.

3- Sign out then in every 10 minutes. 

4- Buzz/nudge them, if they wonder say: just checking u still here.

5- Finish every sentence with LOL

6- Make your status: very very busy, please do not disturb, I'm watching a movie.

7- Make your status:"Be Right Back"....and leave it..for days.

8 -Ask people: Do you want to hear a very sad disturbing thing that happened today.

9- After each message they send u, say: go on.

10- Send an emotion with every single sentence.

11- Ignore their messages. (then send an email wondering how come they see u online and don't say hi)

12- Select all your online friends and add them to a conference. If anybody wondered, say: It's about time my friends meet each other.

13- Break your sentence in the wrong places. "It was" "a mess", i didn't" "know what to say to" "them" "so I let her do" "all the talking,LOL"

14- Before you sign out send a message to all: I'm leaving.

How to annoy ppl on Facebook:
1- Update your status every 10 minutes.

2- Write a very long note about your personal dreams and tag everyone.

3- When you are tagged in a very long note, just click..."like".

4- Go to people's walls and write a dot. "."

5- Go to strangers profiles and write on their wall: Hi I don't know you so I hope you won't mind not adding you.

6- Remember those who added you but never introduced themselves and never replied to your hello nice to meet, go to their wall and write: Hi since I don't know you I hope you won't mind deleting you.

7- Comment on every status with: Yeah right!

8- Go to strangers' profiles and add them, then delete them after they accept.

9- Add strangers and explain you need ur friend list to reach 999.

10- After you finish with any quiz post the results in your status.

11- Comment on every quiz result with: Whatever!

12- Do you see the friend on the right of ur page that facebook suggested and insisted u add as a friend, send them a message saying: Hi look you seem nice and all, but would you please tell facebook no thanks.

13- Post as many pictures for yourself as you can, then click ..."like" on each.